5.0.0 – January 15, 2020

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021



  • P2P_MD_AD: check payment terms (optional)
  • INV_SCRAP: add units of measure and amounts
  • GL_JE: zero-balancing entries
  • GL_PAYM_RECON: added Special General Ledger Indicator to allow definition of exceptions
  • All CpD checks in the P2P area: exclude voided/cancelled documents from analysis
  • Master data checks in all areas: exclude inactive and marked for deletion data
  • P2P_IR_PO_CHECK: added parameter PO type in alert details to allow exceptions (e.g. for consulting and other services)
  • New parameter HIDE_PARAMETERS in /REM/ADMIN: allows to hide the parameters tab in /REM/ALERTS (set to YES to hide tab, default: YES)
  • Exceptions and auto-reaction methods (actions): * allowed for check names for exceptions and actions
  • Checks determine the correct holiday and factory calendar automatically (parameters are obsolete)

Bug fixes

  • Corrected authorization check when downloading alert data
  • Some minor bug fixes

Important note: there are changes in the authorizations and template roles:

  • Authorizations for new transactions /REM2/SOD and /REM/QV2CHECK are contained in template role /REM/ADMIN (object S_TCODE) and should be assigned to remQ admins/users that will create new remQ checks using these tools
  • Using the UI5 app requires authorizations as in (new) template role /REMUI5/REM_BR_FIORI (see also UI5 installation guide)
  • Import the transport into all clients where you use remQ and re-generate template roles and urn a user comparison in PFCG, and adopt your own roles accordingly