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Automate your internal control system

Prevent fraud and errors. Reduce your cost of compliance.

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SAP Licensing Guide

by VOQUZ Labs

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RISE with SAP – SAP’s cloud offering

Our guide tells you what to really look out for when switching to “RISE with SAP”.

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Reduce Fraud and Boost Cost Savings

by Automating Internal Controls

MAXIMIZE your erp

cost-effective. compliant. clever.

Best-in-class tools to improve the efficiency of SAP®:  VOQUZ Labs is a recognized leader in SAP® license management. Most of our samQ® software customers achieve savings in license and maintenance fees that significantly exceed their investment in samQ®, which assesses and manages SAP® licenses, automates user classification, and helps customers save costs. An ERP strategy has long-term impacts – our visoryQ Business Case Builder for SAP® reviews customers’ strategies, options, and costs to facilitate their transition from ERP to S/4HANA and RISE. For business screening and automation of internal control systems, remQ continuously monitors and controls critical business processes. remQ protects revenue and prevents financial loss in sales, finance, procurement, and payroll. remQ also helps reduce counter-party and legal risks by screening business partners against global sanctions lists. setQ® is a tool for managing users and authorizations. It reduces access risks and SODs and increases compliance.

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samQ | SAP License

samQ License Optimizer for SAP gives you full control of your SAP license management. Reduce your license costs and audit risk, while staying compliant with contractual and Indirect / Digital Access requirements.

visoryQ | SAP ERP Strategy Business Case Builder

visoryQ visualizes the differences between each SAP ERP scenario from financial and scope perspectives. Benefit from reliable and precise evaluation of SAP proposals for a better negotiating position.

remQ | SAP Software Business Inspector

remQ automates your Internal Control system and prevents financial losses through fraud and errors. remQ makes systems and business processes more secure and less expensive.

setQ | SAP Authorization
& Identity Management

setQ Authorization Manager centralizes your system wide role management while kicking security & compliance issues to the curb. It automates role approval and assignment processes while making all related processes fully transparent for your business.

advisory | Holistic SAP ERP optimizing advisory

Obtain an objective cross-product 360-degree view of your licensing, compliance and ERP strategy situation benefiting from the expertise of the VOQUZ Labs team. Avoid unnecessary spending after audits, compliance issues, revenue loss due to fraud and poor SAP ERP strategy decisions.


  • Am I licensed in the best possible way?
  • What surprises will come up in the next audit?
  • How do I avoid high true-up costs?
  • What compliance issues hide within my authorizations concept?
  • How can I simplify the management of my users and roles?
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SAP Licensing Guide by VOQUZ Labs

We cover the three pillars of SAP Licenses (Product Selection, Deployment Options, License Models) in detail and describe how an in-depth understanding of their role in the SAP License contract is fundamental to understanding your effective license position, avoiding unnecessary software spending and ongoing maintenance costs and furthermore, eliminate shelf ware and maintain license compliance.


Avatar of Krishna Battula

“I have to thank the whole VOQUZ team for helping LORD become more effective with its SAP license management program. I was really impressed by the team’s responsiveness and high level of customer service. They were always willing to help us.”

Krishna Battula
Global ERP Leader at LORD Corporation



Avatar of Moritz Eifler

“The license optimization software showed us excellently how we can compliantly distribute our existing licenses. The savings are also impressive, especially in the health sector every euro has to be handled well. In addition, the advice, especially about the topic of indirect use and digital access, has given us clarity in a short time about how we are positioning ourselves for the future and what measures are necessary.”

Moritz Eifler
Head of SAP IT - MEDIAN Kliniken



Avatar of Karlheinz Mevissen

“Thanks to the VOQUZ tools and consultancy NKT managed to clean up the legacy of ‘best guess’ license allocations. We managed to identify hundreds of users consuming expensive license while requiring only light type licenses. We now feel much better prepared for the next upcoming license audit by SAP.”

Karlheinz Mevissen
Director BPO & Application Management - NKT




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Security & Compliance

Afraid of auditors knocking on your door? Stay compliant with your SAP agreements and be prepared for license audits at all times. Mitigate your risk of Indirect Access and improve your system security.

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Save time & money

Did you know? Automating the assignment of SAP licenses using samQ diminishes manual effort by up to 80%. Be smart and let our tools do the work for you! Reduce your workload and costs by our automation of your SAP license management.

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SAP S/4 HANA Migration

Ready for the changes in the SAP S/4HANA world? We check your contracts for new opportunities in the S/4HANA model and optimize your existing authorization concept to ensure a seamless transition. Know your potential and get the best out of your new SAP contract.


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