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VOQUZ Advisory Services are designed to help you realize your cost and optimization potential discovered by our suite of SAP software add-ons. By combining tailored software with consulting expertise, we help you understand and transform the output of our tools into tangible financial benefits.

We support you in the evaluation of SAP’s proposals and in the negotiations with them. Are you worried about the next audit or confused about the topic of Digital Access? We’ll show you which way to go, plan your Digital Access Costs and provide you with an effective SAP Audit Defense. With the right insights into your licenses and contracts, you will succeed in your next audit!

Do YOu NEED SUPPORT with your SAP Contracts?

Migrating your SAP ECC contract to SAP S/4HANA?

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is probably the best opportunity you will have to renegotiate your contract with SAP. In this process, we can support you in getting rid of your shelf ware, optimizing your user license configuration,reducing your digital access costs, improving your discount levels, reaching better contract terms. Make use of our expertise and best practices to obtain the best negotiation results.

Is a 90% discount tempting enough to switch to the Digital Access model?

Confused about SAP’s Digital Access model? Find out, if it’s the right decision for your company to choose the new model. SAP’s Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) might convince you. This time-bound program is intended to encourage customers to switch to the new Digital Access model by guaranteeing discounts of 90%. Sounds tempting? Let us check the pitfalls first!

Afraid of the next SAP Audit?

SAP carries out unannounced audits with increasing frequency. It’s your responsibility to ensure that all users in your company have the right license types. Many solve this problem by over-licensing their contract. Are you the next SAP customer who’s paying too much? We’ll show you how to exchange licenses, re-negotiate your contract and succeed in your next license audit.

SAP Licensing Guide by VOQUZ Labs

We cover the three pillars of SAP Licences (Product Selection, Deployment Options, License Models) in detail and describe how an in-depth understanding of their role in the SAP Licence contract is fundamental to understanding your effective licence position, avoid unnecessary software spending and ongoing maintenance costs and furthermore, eliminate shelfware and maintain licence compliance.

Our ADVISORY Packages

SAP S/4HANA Contract Migration

You want to migrate to SAP S/4HANA but don’t know what to take into account? We check your contract and help you plan your migration. Trade in shelf ware and find the best and most cost-effective licenses for SAP S/4HANA.


License Optimization

Digital Access Assessment

License Conversion Credit Assessment

License Exchanges

S/4HANA Contract Migration Cost Assessment

Negotiation Preparation and Assistance

Prices, Discounts, Use Rights, Deviations

Financial Modeling and Scenario Comparisons

Shelf ware Exchanges

S/4HANA Contract Migration Planning

SAP Licensing
Analyses & Optimization

We will check your current licenses and help you get the best out of it. Learn about your license inventory, how to exchange unused licenses, and be perfectly prepared for re-negotiations with SAP.


Use-Rights Analysis

Price & Discount Analysis

BOM Review

Effective License Position

Negotiation Recommendations

SAP Digital Access
Risk Evaluation

You are confused about SAP’s Digital Access model? We help you understand the model and choose the best option for your company. Find out your risk level regarding Digital Access and how to eliminate it.


Technical User Transaction Analysis

samQ Indirect Use Estimation

Indirect Access Cost Modeling

Digital Access Cost Modeling

DAAP Cost Estimation

Digital Access Reduction Assessment

Financial Risk Determination

Recommendations for Action

SAP Audit Defense

There will be a SAP audit in your company and you don’t know what to do? We’ll give you an independent perspective and a comprehensible base for your negotiations with SAP.


Use-Rights Analysis

Price & Discount Analysis

BOM Review

User License Assessment

Engine License Assessment

Indirect Use Assessment

Effective License Position

Internal Presentation

External Presentation for SAP

Negotiation Reccomandations

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