visoryQ - SAP ERP Strategy Business Case Builder

Visualize the differences between various possible ERP scenarios from financial and scope perspectives.

visoryq – YOUR SAP ERP Strategy Business Case Builder

S/4HANA? RISE with SAP? Hyperscaler or On-Premise?
After years of using SAP ECC you need to make a strategic decision: should you go with S/4HANA On-Premise or with a Hyperscaler, or should it be RISE with SAP? Or even a composable ERP with best-of-breed components from different suppliers? VOQUZ Labs visualizes the differences between the various scenarios from financial and scope perspectives. And beyond that, VOQUZ Labs helps you evaluate SAP proposals for a much better negotiating position.

Rethink your SAP ERP strategy

Most SAP clients are looking at S/4HANA and RISE with SAP and trying to understand how it affects OPEX, CAPEX and TCO. In addition, they are trying to understand how SAP will allow for and support a composable ERP strategy that allows them to go for best-of-breed solutions that help their companies attain additional benefits.

visoryQ Business Case Builder for SAP® Software provides the decision criteria and financial framework you need to prepare, visualize, and justify your decision-making about the future of your ERP.

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How visoryQ automates your decision

Benefit from the intelligent ERP strategy-building process! Provide your SAP Bill of Materials, SAP Contracts, Infrastructure Sizing and actual AMS service as a basis for the practice-based evaluation. visoryQ will methodically help you build business cases for ECC, S/4HANA and RISE in all possible variations.

visoryQ will provide you with Hyperscaler cost indications for RISE-comparable S/4HANA infrastructure from the main Hyperscalers. You also receive AMS cost indications for S/4HANA environments as well as a SAP Basis Administration cost comparison for S/4HANA services. With these real-environment inputs, you will receive real-use automated SAP ERP Strategy Scenarios.

Bullet points: What is my actual TCO for SAP ECC?; How will it change on S/4HANA and RISE?; Is my RISE proposal correctly dimensioned?; Is my infrastructure sizing complete?; What is included in RISE with SAP services?; What additional services do I need?; What license types and quantities will I need?; How will IT infrastructure costs change on S/4HANA?; What other factors shall I include in my TCO?; What is the Net Present Value of every scenario?
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S/4HANA Migration - Blessing or Curse?

Understand key SAP S/4HANA licensing risks

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visoryQ - The Simple Approach

Automated composition of SAP business cases.

Analysis of financial scenarios
Business case components
Analysis of services
Analysis of product categories
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Build your ERPstrategy on a transparent and documented foundation.

Consider all implementation options and evaluate your strategy from every single angle.

Financial Evaluation: TCO

Visualize the Total Cost of Ownership for a certain period.

visoryQ - Service Evaluation

Contrast the percentage of services fulfilled with the cost diagram and the positioning of the suppliers.

Review your actual service scope and make sure, you cover this scope in your future implementation scenarios on RISE or S/4HANA.
Understand SAP's Roles and Responsibilities descriptions and select all SAP Application Management Services needed.

3 Steps To Maximize Your ERP with visoryQ

Visualize and compare all your options to determine the right ERP strategy for the long term based on reliable and holistic information.

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Visualize various ERP strategies between SAP On-Premise and SAP Cloud before you decide
Complete SAP's proposals with our market data for AMS-pricing and Hyperscaler-pricing
Document your decision process, and involve C-level & responsible Business Units


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