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SETQ – the easy way of SAP Authorization Management!

setQ Authorization Manager automates SAP role design and enables in-line SoD checks. It simplifies assignment workflows, centralizes access workflow and streamlines request and approval processes for your business. All accessible via SAP GUI or a modern web interface.

setQ simplifies role request and approval workflows, while making all SAP Access Control, User Management and Compliance Processes transparent for your business.

Avoid SoD, security and GDPR issues at the push of a button. setQ supports you with Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and helps you manage your roles and authorizations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Role Reduction Quickcheck
by VOQUZ Labs

Why? You have built up too many unused SAP Authorizations and Roles.

Your SAP system is already a few years old? Then you know the problem with constantly growing authorizations. Parent roles and reference users are copied wildly, new departments or locations are added on a monthly basis, and employee authorization requests are constantly extended - this enables misuse of your SAP system.

Protect your organization from unwanted access to your sensitive SAP data. The Role Reduction Quickcheck detects unused roles and authorizations and shows you the Role Optimization potential, saving you time and money.

We’ll make things easy

Get back control over your users

When starting your S/4HANA migration you have to answer a lot of questions. What user groups will be limited in their productive work after the migration? What roles need to be updated to avoid issues? Which role/profile combinations will cause problems? We help you find the answers BEFORE your migration.

-> Implement this use case with the modules:
Compliance Manager, Compliance Reference Manager, Identity Manager, Web Manager

Play it safe - how to increase security & compliance

Whether theft of sensitive data by hackers, industrial espionage or an attack from within your own ranks – there is no 100% security. Protect your company from unauthorized access to your data. Uncover vulnerabilities in your system before they will catch up with you.

-> Implement this use case with the modules:
Compliance Manager, Compliance Reference Manager, Alert Manager, Recertification Manager, Mitigation Manager

Clean up your Roles & Authorizations

Your SAP system is already several years old? Then you might know the problem of an increasing number of authorizations. A growing chaos of too many mother roles and reference users can lead to misuse of your SAP system. Protect your company against unwanted access to your sensitive data.

-> Implement this use case with the modules:
Compliance Manager, Compliance Reference Manager, Identity Manager, Web Manager, Roles Manager, Roles Reference Manager, Extension Manager

Our newest whitepaper on SAP Access & Authorizations

Learn how to manage your SAP GRC Authorizations

Our SETQ Service Packages

SAP S/4HANA Role Readiness Assessment

The setQ Authorization Manager for SAP Software supports you with an automatic check of your roles against SAP’s “Simplification List” to identify problems ahead of your migration.


Which transactions in the existing roles run without problems after the S/4HANA migration?

Which transactions in the existing roles are redirected to new ones that might allow for more or less functionality, causing security or limited functionality issues?

Which transaction will fail in the not listed bust existing role?

SAP Compliance Check

Protect your company from unwanted access to your sensitive SAP data. Our Compliance Check covers your weaknesses in the system and provides recommendations for action based on the analyzed result.


Developed security concepts can be reused

Overview of critical vulnerabilities

Increasing the overall security in the SAP system

Low cost compared to manual control

Identification of sensitive data

SAP Roles Reduction

With our Role Reduction Manager we offer you the full package: intelligent software with tailored service. We clean up your aged role concept and bring it back into shape. This way, you can meet the next audit relaxed.


Historically grown authorization concepts can be cleaned up

Low expenses when checking roles & assignments

Minimizing the risks of too many permissions

Increasing the overall security in the SAP system

Identification of unused roles

CUA Replacement

With the setQ Identity Manager all changes to the user can be legitimized by multi-level approval procedures if required and are then available simultaneously in all destination systems.


Integrated request and approval procedure

Versioning & Documentation

Increasing the overall security in the SAP system

Central administration of users


Identity Manager

Comfortable creation, administration andmaintenance of the user profiles from a central point.

Compliance Manager

Analysis of weaknesses, risks and law violations, and permanent display offline or in the running system.

Role Manager

Create new authorizations easily and implement them simultaneously in all systems.

Password Manager

A Web application that can perform a password reset safe, easy and fast.

Emergency Manager

Simplifies the distribution and the control of exceptional authorizations in SAP Systems.

Compliance Reference

More than 500 prefabricated audit queries that are customizable to fit your requirements.

Role Reference

More than 1000 predefined roles that are customizable to fit your requirements.

Concept Manager

Naming conventions, connected target systems or individual customer extensions:The Concept Manager keeps you informed at all times and at the push of a button.

Alert Manager

Evaluate all common SAP protocols and rate the protocol entries with risk assessment rules.

Recertification Manager

Recurring decisions get monitored and analyzed in a system overlapping cockpit.

Role Reduction

Filters and revises existing SAP authorizations
automatically. A cockpit shows up
optimizing suggestions.

Extension Manager

You receive suggestions for the creation of roles. The following realization is done without manual effort.

Active Directory Connector

Creates the connection from MS-AD to setQ.

Business Intelligence Connector

Functions, packages, characteristics and analysis authorizations always in view.

Human Ressources Connector

Creates the connection from the HR system to setQ.

UME Connector

Central administration of SAP-Portal-Authorizations (UME-Roles) with setQ.

Web Manager

A well-arranged surface allows typical actions all around the administration of SAP access data.

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