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samQ License Optimizer automates and centralizes all SAP licensing processes to optimize your costs, reduce risk and improve compliance. Usage and authorization based license distribution keeps you prepared and optimized for annual system measurement at all times – without the need to classify users manually.

By optimizing your SAP license inventory with samQ License Optimizer, you can guarantee permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory based on actual usage and assigned authorizations. The result is a permanently optimized and compliant SAP landscape. This means complex preparations for the SAP system measurement belong to the past. License audits become transparent, predictable and verifiable.

How to save Time and Money

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Indirect Access

Are you afraid of high additional payments for Indirect Access? Don’t trust the results of your SLAW – get valid information yourself! Right now SAP only offers an estimation of indirectly generated documents or a complex passport implementation, not a clear & easy measurement. Mitigate your Indirect Access risk with samQ!

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SAP S/4HANA Migration

Did you know that SAP offers financial incentives for an early SAP S/4HANA migration? Sounds tempting? Yes, but only if you know which licenses you will need in the new SAP S/4HANA world. Know your license inventory, trade in shelf ware, and you will be equipped for SAP S/4HANA.

WHITE PAPER – enhance your knowledge!

SAP Licensing Guide by VOQUZ Labs

We cover the three pillars of SAP Licenses (Product Selection, Deployment Options, License Models) in detail and describe how an in-depth understanding of their role in the SAP License contract is fundamental to understanding your effective license position, avoiding unnecessary software spending and ongoing maintenance costs and furthermore, eliminate shelf ware and maintain license compliance.

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How to EXChange your SAP LICENSES FOR Money

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Quick License Assessment

The samQ Quick License Assessment builds a business case for license management and allows you to evaluate the samQ optimizer platform before an implementation. It demonstrates cost-optimization potential and compliance risks for your named-user population across all systems.

3.500 €

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Re-classify your SAP users into the most cost-effective categories

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Based on an automatic, transactional analysis of SAP usage

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Identify alternative license matches (Worker, S/4HANA, …)

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Optimize user costs by 30%+

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Continuous, accurate licensing by automatically classifying users to types based on your SAP usage

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samQ CARE+

No more stress with your annual SAP license measurement. With our samQ care+ package you don’t have to worry about your licenses anymore. samQ takes over your license optimization and we take care of the rest.

Advantages at a glance

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No effort for you

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Valid and optimized data at any time

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License compliance

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Assisted samQ Software Upgrades

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Annual audit preparation and assistance

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Preparation of SLAW

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Assisted submission of results to SAP

SAMQ Features

User Licenses

With samQ the activities of SAP users are analyzed automatically at regular intervals, rated in accordance with license regulations, and optimized. At the touch of a button, the tool collects all license information to verify software license compliance. As such, you will know immediately if over licensing or under licensing is an impending threat.Additionally, the manual efforts required for license allocation and license measurement can be reduced by up to 80 percent. The results of the analysis will enable the development of an evidence-based, realistic licensing strategy.

Digital Access

Currently it’s unclear to many customers how many of documents created in SAP were actually generated indirectly. With samQ this problem is solved. Get the information about the actual number of indirectly generated documents at the push of a button via any desired interface. In addition, you get a lot of useful information about activities that have taken place, servers involved, transactions or reports that have been executed, etc. It is precisely this information that is needed to prove to SAP where the documents that are actually indirectly generated come from and which documents are clearly generated within SAP technology. This gives samQ customers a decisive advantage: you are excellently equipped for the next negotiation with SAP.

Authorization Licensing

To determine the correct named-user license based on authorizations or to optimize your role and authorization concept, samQ provides a special module for authorization analysis. samQ calculates the license key a user is assigned with if licenses are distributed according to authorizations rather than real activities. The analysis provides transparency about the different license calculations and determines which permissions or transactions are unused.

Engine Measurement

samQ can display any license rules, metrics, and payment conditions of SAP engines in the AMV Dashboard. This allows you to measure and optimize current engine consumption at your fingertips. If your consumption approaches a critical range, samQ sends an automatic alert to the administrator.

SLAW Check

This module makes it very easy for you to check the results of your SLAW reports. samQ compares your calculations with the SLAW results, identifies any deviations, and enables a drilldown all the way to the user/client level. Consequently, you can always be sure that the reported results match your calculations.

Scenario Analyses

Evaluations can be run in samQ with fully customized settings without changing existing customized settings or deactivating daily optimization. samQ offers a variety of license templates for this purpose. Advantageous configurations can be saved or used directly in customized settings, as required. This makes it possible to develop scenarios that factor in license types that are not yet part of the customer’s license inventory.

With samQ you can make predictions about possible licensing strategies in regards to changing license classifications or your license inventory. This gives you an accurate overview of possible cost trends. Collected data usage creates the basis for the development of different scenarios.

Compliance Alerts

Get regular Compliance Alerts via Email for customizable triggers, such as over under licensing, double logins, never log outs, etc.

USMM Automation

samQ on a flexible definable schedule automatically runs USMM on any system and stores the protocol in a central location. You will always be prepared to produce a SLAW report. At the same time you can monitor measures for engine consumption developing over time.

Inactivity Reporting

The license inventory is adjusted when inactive or duplicate users are detected. samQ identifies and disables the accounts of users who no longer actively use SAP. Duplicate accounts are consolidated so that each SAP user has exactly one named user license across all SAP-integrated systems. A lower license volume allows you to avoid unnecessary new purchases, to use licenses elsewhere, or to decommission unused licenses in the future.samQ also stores the original valid to date, it can be easily restored as part of a user self service process.

Business Objects

samQ offers a customizing area beyond the pure counting of BO licenses in the Java systems. In this area, the company-internal Business Object license types can be mapped with exact authorization. This also puts an end to the guesswork of whether BO licenses are used correctly and whether the company is over- or under licensed.

S/4Hana Licensing

SAP S/4HANA licensing is getting more and more important. Besides the what-if simulation mode, samQ offers templates for the new SAP S/4HANA licenses types:

- SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Professional use
- SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Productivity use
- SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for functional use

Run your own simulations and prepare your organization for a cost-efficient SAP S/4HANA migration.

Transaction Database

samQ uses a dynamic transaction database known as the Optimization Engine to determine the optimal license types. It contains all the transactions executable in SAP that were evaluated with a specific named-user license type. The transaction database is constantly modified, expanded, and updated to include new transactions, for example, when SAP makes changes to its price and condition lists. samQ checks the usage data collected for individual users against the transactional database and automatically switches to the correct type of license if the current license does not suit their usage behavior.


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