What is different from other solutions?

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February 12, 2021

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February 12, 2021

Several vendors (e.g. SAP GRC Process Controls, SAP Fraud Management, IDEA, ACL) have solutions that enable auditing or monitoring data from SAP systems. To our knowledge, only remQ offers an Add-On that is fully integrated with SAP ERP and lives inside the SAP system. All other solutions are business warehouse solutions where data is extracted into another system and analyzed there. There are several advantages following the Add-On approach:

  • remQ can be installed and used very easily: no extra servers are required, the solutions is one software component in SAP ERP. Therefore we believe no other solution can be implemented and used as easy, fast and cost effective as remQ.
  • Real-time monitoring, 100% automated: other solutions can be customized to extract data from SAP ERP in regular intervals. remQ is designed and optimized to leverage the real-time processing capabilities of SAP ERP and offers unprecedented capabilities in monitoring transactions fully automated. remQ is not a tool that supports audits or makes data extraction easier – but it is a complete layer of oversight added to the business data and transactions, without any manual activities. Auditors and analysts only deal with red flag issues and can focus on those investigations.
  • Built-in know-how: based on experience and our own research we have defined many checks that work out of the box. You don’t have to be a data analytics expert to use remQ, and there is no implementation/consulting project to start using it.
  • Integrated case management, data archive: all alerts start workflows that help to resolve the issues. All actions are logged, additional information can be entered, and all alerts are archived after a decision has been made (to approve or reject the flagged transaction). Based on the history of alerts, additional insight can be gained, such as finding correlations between business partners and employees etc.
  • In our case management, you have access to additional information required for the investigation. E.g. if a vendor ID is in an alert, you can double click on that ID and drill down to its master data. All information is available at a mouse-click with no need to log into other systems.
  • Security: no data is replicated, and the SAP security model in your SAP ERP system is protecting all your data. There are no exports on file shares or 3rd party databases with different security levels than your SAP ERP system. remQ offers full activity monitoring within the tool, each configuration change, action on an alert etc. is logged.