System Parameters

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February 11, 2021

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February 13, 2021

You can maintain remQ system parameters in /rem/admin:

TIME_HORIZON: to enable incremental or full scans of data in the SAP system, set this parameter to determine the maximum number of days for which data will be selected. Some checks do not use this parameter but always perform full scans, e.g. checks for duplicate master data.

VAR_LIMIT: alerts with a Value-at-Risk (VaR) above VAR_LIMIT will be displayed in /rem/alerts with status NEW. Alerts with a VaR below VAR-LIMIT will have the status LOW_VAR and can be displayed in /rem/alerts choosing -> Select Alert Status -> Low Value-at-Risk.

WORK_PROCESSES: max. number of background work processes that will be used when running jobs directly or scheduling them collectively.

MAX_ITEMS_PER_NODE_DEFAULT: default max. number of alerts per node (check ID) that will be displayed in /rem/alerts.
You can display more or all alerts in /rem/alerts -> Max number of alerts per node (F9) -> enter number or select Display All.

FILE_DIR: absolute path to filesystem directory where download files will be created when the total number of alerts in the database is >300k. Direct download in this case often takes too long to succeed in dialog processing and therefore the system will create a file in the background that can be downloaded when the file was created.