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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

The remQ Add-On requires some system and use-case specific parameters. To maintain parameters, use transaction /n/rem/admin.
Post-installation and customizing activities can be done as follows:

  • Load default configuration (cf. section Manage Configuration / tab Settings in transaction /n/rem/admin) — this is done automatically after installing the software for the first time, but needs to be done manually when after software upgrades.
  • Adjust settings for company codes and other customer specific data (cf. Customize Checks / tab Maintain Configuration Defaults in transaction /n/rem/admin)
  • Define how often checks are executed (cf. Schedule Checks / tab Schedule Checks in transaction /n/rem/admin)
  • Start checks and continuous auditing (cf. Execute Checks (Start/Stop) / tab Run/Stop Checks in transaction /n/rem/admin)

Note: the tool configuration is client-dependent, activities have to be performed in each client where you use the remQ software.