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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

The remQ configuration comprises all data that can be entered in transaction /n/rem/admin, i.e. customizing data, how often checks are executed, and the company holiday calendar. The complete configuration can be saved and restored on the Settings tab.
Restore Configuration will create a default configuration with suggested customizing.
Before restoring the default configuration make sure you have saved the current configuration if you want to use it again later. You can enter a logical name when saving the configuration.
After software upgrades of the remQ Continuous Monitoring Add-On, use Restore Configuration to set up the new default configuration and then load your previously saved custom configuration: loading a saved configuration can add parameters that are obsolete with new versions, these parameters will be displayed in the config. for that check, but have no effect on how the check works.
Restore Configuration or loading a previously saved configuration will overwrite all current settings in /n/rem/admin (in tabs Maintain Configuration Defaults, Schedule Checks, Exceptions).
Download/Upload enables saving configurations into a file and load it back into the system. All saved configurations will be downloaded/uploaded together.

A new configuration setting will be active when the check runs the next time.