Maintenance and Updates

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

Updates to remQ (functional enhancements and bug fixes) will be provided on a regular basis as Add-On that has to be installed as described in this guide. remQ can also ship transports instead of Add-Ons.
To perform an update, these steps are recommended in each client:
1. Stop all remQ jobs, save current configuration and download configuration data (/REM/ADMIN).
2. Apply update (Add-On or transport): import in 1 client (objects are cross-client). If you use REMEDYNE template roles, import in all clients.
3. For updates from remQ 2.0.6 or lower to target release remQ 2.2.0 or higher: configure the SSL connection to
4. Re-generate profiles for remQ template roles if you use the template roles (see Generate Profiles for Template Roles)
5. Delete alerts with status NEW.
Note: comments or uploaded attachments for alerts not yet approved/rejected will be lost when you delete all NEW alerts – so in some cases it might be required to keep alerts with status NEW, or to approve/reject them before applying the update procedure described here.
6. Restore Configuration to Default (/REM/ADMIN and /REM/AUDIT_ADMIN), upload saved configuration data and load last configuration to restore settings – these steps will make sure you have all parameters available and parameters previously used are restored to custom values; new parameters (e.g. for new checks) will have default values.
7. Restart remQ jobs.