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February 11, 2021

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April 1, 2022

Out-of-the-box reports for some important KPIs can be reviewed in SAP GUI with transaction code /REM/KPIs.

• New Alerts: Number of NEW alerts in each area.
• Approved/Rejected Alerts: number of approved/rejected alerts that have been archived, and the hit ratio (100% – false positive rate).
• Rejected Alerts Value: sum of value of rejected alerts by calendar week and business area.
• Response Times: average response time (in hours) until alerts have been approved/rejected.
• Alerts by Company Code: number and value of approved/rejected alerts by company code.
• Auto-archived Alerts: number and cumulative amount of alerts with value-at-risk below VAR_LIMIT.
• Top Vendors in Alerts: lists for vendors with most alerts/highest VaR.
• Top Customers in Alerts: lists for customers with most alerts/highest VaR.
• Top Users in Alerts: lists for users with most alerts/highest VaR.
• Data Quality History: number of incomplete/duplicate vendors and customers.

Additional reports can be created by using the SAP standard transaction SQVI: create a report and select a name that has the prefix REMR_. Each report in that namespace can be used in the /REM/KPIS transaction.