How is my data protected?

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February 12, 2012

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February 12, 2012

Finding fraud and errors requires reading sensitive data in the SAP ERP system (e.g. material master data, bank and payment details etc.). remQ reads such data in the SAP ERP system and uses it for real-time data analytics. It does not copy the data or store it somewhere else (we are not a cloud solution and don’t require new servers, data extraction, etc.).

All data remains completely in the SAP ERP system and is protected by the SAP security mechanisms.
When remQ detects an unusual issue, an alert is created. The alert contains data that helps identifying and analyzing the issue. All alerts and corresponding data are also stored in the SAP ERP system (tables in the SAP database).

Access to remQ functions and data is protected by special authorization objects and users need new SAP authorization roles to use remQ and its data. Template roles shipped with remQ are for users and administrators (roles /rem/user and /rem/admin).