Finding an Alternative Payee

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February 18, 2021

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February 18, 2021

Using the different payment recipient function, payments can be redirected to another payment recipient without the actual bank details having to be changed on the vendor master record. Different payment recipients are added to an existing vendor master record, and payments are then made to their bank account instead of the original bank account on the vendor master record. The different payment recipient can be defined both in the general part of the vendor master record (then applies to all company codes) or in the company code section of the vendor. The usual application scenarios are factoring or vendor insolvency, but this function can also easily be misused for non-approved redirection of payments. remQ ships a control that monitors changes to alternative payees, and here we show you how you can easily create a new check that will simply list all alternative payees in your system. You can use this approach even when not using remQ.

SAP’s QuickViewer (transaction SQVI) allows to create reports using data from 1 or several tables, with selection criteria that you can set up, without coding. Data about alternative payees is in the vendors’ master data, either in table and field LFA1-LNRZA, or in the bank data LFB1-LNRZB. We use the example where an alternative payee is maintained directly in the master data:

Go to SAP transaction SQVI and create a new QuickView. Choose Data Source table and table=LFA1.

creating a QuickView to find alternative payees

On the next screen, select fields that you want to see in the report/QuickView results, e.g. vendor number and name, and name of alternative payee. Check all fields you want as “List fields”, and check Account Number of the Alternative Payee (LFA1-LNRZA) also as “Selection Field”. You can also add fields such as company code, or deletion flag and posting block to reduce the number of results.

select fields for the QuickView

Then execute the QuickView. On the next screen, define the selection criteria for vendors that have an alternative payee maintained: the field Account Number of the Alt. Payee must not be empty, but must have an account number maintained. So simply allow all number >0.  Run the report, and you get the results.

select vendors that have an alt. payee in the master data

Investigate whether the results are valid.

To take this a step further, you can add a similar query for alternative payees maintained in the bank details, LFB1-LNRZB, and add the results. You can also join LFA1 with itself and get name and other details of the alt. payee so that the results are easier to interpret. If you want to create a remQ control with this QuickView, go back one step to the screen where you specified the selection criteria, and save this as a variant (->Goto ->Variants ->Save as Variant). Then use remQ’s QuickView2Check tool (->admin transaction ->QuickView Check, or directly start transaction /n/REM/QV2CHECK) and select the Query you just created. Enter some name and description, and select the fields you want to see in the remQ alerts from the dropdowns. Check the vendor account number as key field, activate the check, and you can start monitoring when alternative payees are assigned to vendors. If you also mark the alt. payee account number as a key field, you will also receive an alert when an alt. payee assignment is changed.

create a Remedyne check