Drill Down

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

remQ Continuous Monitoring allows to change drill down options and enable new fields for drill down in the /REM/ALERTS transaction.
The transaction /REM/ALERTS dynamically determines which fields allow drill down from parameters in table /REM/DRILLDOWN. For each field PARAMx in /REM/TMDATA an entry can be created in /REM/DRILLDOWN with the transaction code for which a CALL TRANSACTION will be performed (note: an authorization check is performed for the target transaction). Parameters that have to be entered in the target transaction also have to be maintained in table /REM/DRILLDOWN.

Customers can update the list of drilldown targets using transaction /REM/DRILLDOWN_V or SM30 for /REM/DRILLDOWN.