Alerts/Using the Data

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February 11, 2021

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February 12, 2021

Users can access alerts in the SAP ERP system using transaction /REM/ALERTS (enter /n/rem/alerts). The alert tree allows navigating forward to the alerts and review the details, add comments, send emails, and approve/reject.
Data/business objects displayed in blue are links that enable drill down to details by double-clicking the entry. The corresponding object will be displayed in an SAP standard transaction.
Alerts that have been auto-archived (low VaR) or approved/rejected can be viewed in /REM/ALERTS by using Select Alert Status and selecting one or several of the options.

To approve/reject/delete several alerts for one check at once, use transaction /REM/MCHNG (Mass Approval/Rejection/Deletion).

Alerts can have several states (field STATUS in table /REM/TMDATA):

NEW: Alert created
APPROVED: User approved alert
REJECTED: User rejected alert
LOW_VAR: Alert created and value-at-risk below VAR_LIMIT