9.0 – June 23, 2023

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June 23, 2023

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June 23, 2023


  • New checks P2P_MISSING_INV, HR_PAY_CHANGE2, HR_TIMEOFF, HR_INFOTYP_CONSISTENCY, HR_GENERAL_CHANGE — refer to check documentation for details
  • Deprecated check parameters are automatically deleted form configuration when user loads a configuration
  • re-named product to remQ, remQ Sanctions Compliance now available as a stand-alone solution


  • O2C_PAYT_CHA_CUST – customer number added in the description of each alert and removed from the description of the check.
  • ITGC_AUTHZ_DEBUG – additional values to check in the code, OBJTYPE = ‘DEBUG’ and ACTVT NE ’03’.
  • INV_MPC – added plant and valuation type in the alert details.
  • INV_DIFF – added inventory document item and valuation class in the alert details
  • P2P_NEWVENDOR – improved data mapping
  • P2P_PO_INV – new parameter to exclude parked document
  • O2C_DLV_INV_CHECK – source document type added in the results
  • INV_MPC – new fields added in the results: stock type indicator, quantity, plant, valuation class and valuation category.
  • INV_MD_DUP – material description added in the results.
  • INV_MD_AD – company code added in the results.
  • INV_MD_INACTIVE – additional fields added: aaterial status, deletion, serial number profile.
  • INV_SCRAP – updated the analysis for S/4HANA
  • ITGC_SANCTIONS – improved name matching, now including entity type (organization or individual) and country
  • P2P_MD_AD – additional check fields parameter added.
  • INV_PDA – new selection parameter added  for transaction key; dynamic check description added, dependent from the transaction key; additional fields added: purchasing organization, vendor, material; separate alerts are created for each affected line item from the document.
  • P2P_MD_AD, O2C_MD_AD improved check fields selection
  • P2P_2INV – improved logic for both FI & MM invoices, fuzzy matching for vendor names, invoice numbers; invoice values: now comparing net values.
  • P2P_INV_PAID_BFR_DUE – blocking indicator added in the list of results; exclude vendors that are not the same in the PO and the invoice; exclude canceled invoices, credit notes
  • FIAA_AUC_INV – improved S4HANA logic
  • P2P_PAY_HIGH – improved value logic
  • O2C_MD_AD – Additional check fields for tables: KNVV & KNB1
  • O2C_CLC – new parameter introduced: UNLIMITED_CREDIT_SET
  • GL_AP_DEB_BLNC – improvement of the logic
  • Order of execution for checks now can be defined, this can be used while setting up SoD and Single-Action checks.
  • SQVI queries added in KPIs reports so users can easily create customer reports
  • O2C_PO_DIS – improved logic of the check.
  • /REM/MAP_STRUCTURED_FIELDS – improved logic of the function
  • HR_MD_DUP – improved logic

Bug fixes:

  • FIAA_UAM – VaR results corrected.