7.0 – March 31, 2022

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March 30, 2022

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April 1, 2022


  • Check parameters displayed with alert details now show the parameters used at the time the check was running (table /REM/TMDATA, fields CURRENT_PARAMS/2)
  • Run SQVI queries in /REM/KPIS: create custom reporting
  • Set alert status manually using transaction /REM/SET_STATUS (authorizations required and not part of the template roles)
  • Set order of execution for checks
  • P2P_INV_PAID_BFR_DUE: payments before due date
  • FIAA_RPUL: retirement of assets before end of useful life


  • Single Action Tool: improved selection of fields
  • Single Action and SOD Tool: improved change document selection (search by tables, descriptions)
  • Improved determination of exchange rates (all checks)
  • S/4HANA compatibility: improved checks O2C_PAY_TERM_INVCS, O2C_PAY_TERM_SO, O2C_CLC, P2P_PAY_TERM_INVVN
  • Z-checks can now in audit mode
  • ITGC_SANCTIONS: update to use API version 1.6 of sanctions.io, adding FBI and Interpol’s most wanted lists, improved error handling (error messages from sanctions.io API)
  • P2P_MD_BDE: exclude vendors with block LFA1-SPERR=X (also excludes vendors with LFA1-NODEL block).
  • Added a comment field to check parameters in /REM/ADMIN
  • GL_PARKED: added parameter to exclude cash journals
  • O2C_CLC: added parameter EXCL_GRP_COMP to exclude group companies based on KNVH-HKUNNR
  • P2P_FI_PO_OPEN, FI_PO_OPEN: added document types KR and KD as default

Bug fixes:

  • P2P_PO_INV, P2P_PO_GR: fixed handling of canceled invoices
  • O2C_SOD_MDCM: fixed handling of document types
  • O2C_SOD_MDR: fixed handling of posting key
  • INV_SOD_MM: fixed a bug where the check did not identify certain SOD violations
  • INV_SCRAP: fixed bug that threshold value was not applied
  • P2P_SOD_MDPO: fixed a bug where the check did not identify certain SOD violations
  • GL_JE: changed REM_ID to avoid hash collision when several alerts for same document
  • P2P_2INV: fixed handling of cancelled documents