6.0 – April 23, 2021

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April 23, 2021

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April 23, 2021


  • New Exceptions: transaction /REM/EXCEPTIONS allows to define complex exceptions (list, ranges, include/exclude, wildcards, etc.) helping to better decrease false positives. Note the old exceptions are still valid and for some time both methods can be used in parallel. The old exceptions will be retired in remQ 8.0, please move existing exceptions to the new transaction.


  • P2P_PAY_CLUSTER: correction of displayed values (positive and negative), group currency taken in consideration when displaying values
  • P2P_MD_BDE: added Vendor Account Group
  • P2P_MD_AD: added LFB1 table for comparison
  • P2P_CPD_VEND: new logic, one-time-payments to CPD vendors excluded from the logic if the vendor was created after the one-time-payment
  • P2P_2INV: cancelled documents not selected, parked documents added
  • O2C_CPD_MULT: customers with missing bank information excluded from the scope of the check
  • Transaction /REM/APP_REASON_V: now a standalone transaction, no table maintenance required;
    approval/rejection reasons: allow * for language
  • Transaction /REM/MCHNG: now can add attachments to all selected alerts; user can select how many alerts to be displayed (avoids slow performance when many alerts are available for selection)
  • ITGC_SANCTIONS: country field, block fields, time horizon for creation/change added as parameters
  • INV_MPC: parameter for VaR / absolute change, the users can select change in price of material in absolute values
  • INV_MD_INACTIVE: plant material status added
  • INV_MD_AD, INV_MD_DUP: added PO material texts to alert details
  • INV_DIFF: fiscal year taken from material document
  • GL_PAYM_RECON: new threshold parameter number of days, creates alerts only if they are older than N days;
    posting key as parameter
  • GL_PAYM_DUP: new parameter CHECK_FIELDS added as selection parameter; blank fields are excluded from selection
  • GL_AP_DEB_BLNC: vendors marked as deleted excluded from selection
  • Improved search and filter in alerts
  • Help texts can be downloaded into an Excel file
  • O2C_CL: adapted to S/4HANA (new logic for credit limit management); added new parameter check credit limit for open invoices only
  • O2C_SOD_CO: adapted to S4HANA
  • O2C_PRCORD: only manually changes will be displayed, all automatically updated conditions are excluded
  • P2P_3GRIR: retired (redundant)
  • Single Action, SOD tool: added change ID to alert ID/key
  • Single Action Tool: added capability to monitor changes to structures
  • O2C_AC_LIM: added document type as a parameter
  • QV2CHECK: Message text can contain multiple &<table-field>& sets of values
  • INV_DIFF: new fields added: posting date, material number,  material text, inventory difference with + or – indicator, inventory difference in quantity, valuation class, movement type, quantity, unit of measure
  • INV_SCRAP: added material group and type to alert details
  • O2C_PRCORD: added sales order item quantity to alert details
  • P2P_NEWVENDOR: plant removed from alert details
  • GL_SOD_ACC: check enhanced with changes made to GL account

Bug fixes

  • O2C_PAY_TERM_SO: fixed a bug
  • P2P_PO_IR_AMT: bugs fixed for collective invoices, net values
  • Several minor fixes.