5.6.0 – October 1, 2020

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021


  • Sanction List Screening: the new check ITGC_SANCTIONS supersedes all previous sanction checks (the old checks are still available but support for them will stop with release 6.0 planned for end of Q1/2021). The check can scan any table:field with names and works against the sanctions.io API. An API key is required, free account for remQ customers. More details here.
  • Custom status: checks created through the single action, SOD, or SQVI tool can have a custom status (e.g. “TEST” instead of “NEW”).
  • Approval/rejection reason: you can define additional categories and assign alerts when an alert is approved/rejected. More details here.
  • New check O2C_PAY_TERM_SO_ITEM: compares payment terms in SO header and items.
  • Drilldown parameters can now be maintained by customers and exported/imported.


  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: we have disabled table logging for the tmdata table that contains all alert data. If you want to use table logging for this table, you have to manually activate it.
  • INV_SCRAP: one alert per document, not line item
  • SQVI checks now also work with alias tables.
  • P2P_PAY_ROUND: added a check specific VaR limit.
  • SQVI and Single Action Tool: you can now map data to the structured fields in tmdata.
  • Export/import configuration for SOD, single action tool.
  • /REM/ALERTS transaction: you can now select all items from a list (e.g. for mass approval/rejection).
  • /REM/ADMIN transaction: use “Position” button to search and position cursor.
  • Several smaller changes to align checks for payment terms in the areas P2P and O2C.

Bug fixes

  • Timestamps: in some cases timestamps in comments and last changed were not correct, fixed.
  • P2P_PAY_TERM_INV: in some cases this checked showed incorrect PO numbers, fixed.
  • QVI2CHECK: in some cases mappings were not used correctly, fixed.
  • O2C_PO_DIS: corrected a bug where several currencies in document flow were not properly handled.
  • Several minor fixes.