5.5.0 – June 12, 2020

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021


  • Single Action Tool: new transaction /REM2/SINGLE_ACTION allows to create controls that detect critical changes using change documents, and restrict analysis to certain tables:fields or usernames; see /knowledge-base/single-action-tool/
  • New check: O2C_PAY_TERM_MDSO: detect differences in payment terms between master data and sales orders
  • New check: P2P_FI_PO_OPEN: compare incoming FI invoices against open purchase orders from the same vendor


  • O2C_MD_AD: Added payment terms as check field
  • Changed how CpD documents are identified (in areas P2P and O2C): use document type instead of account
  • All payment terms checks (in areas P2P and O2C): display technical values, improvement of the display of the results
  • P2P_PAY_TERM_VEND: can display all changes to payment terms (not just the changes beneficial for user)
  • Email notifications: jobs status and classification, enhancement of the notification e-mail to include status of the remQ jobs (displays data from SM37)
  • Default configuration Audit Mode: changed calendar parameters and aligned to CM mode
  • Authz. check for audit alerts in /REM/MCHNG
  • Auto-reaction methods: all FMs can be used as actions
  • O2C_PRCORD: filtering enhanced per Sales Organization or Company Code
  • P2P_3W_GRIR2: improvement of the check to work on item level
  • Value threshold in P2P_3W_GRIR2: improvement on the search of VaR field
  • FIAA_SOD_CAPO: improvement of the selection data
  • O2C_PRCORD: improvement made to compare manual excluded pricing conditions
  • FIAA_AUC_INV: improvement of the selection of the data
  • Send several alerts in one email
  • Select and approve/reject several alerts at once (requires authorizations for mass change)
  • P2P_MD_BDP: improvement made on the selection of the data, user that made the change, time-horizon
  • P2P_PAY_TERM_INV: change of logic and merge with P2P_PAY_TERM_POINV
  • P2P_PAY_TERM_POINV – obsolete
  • GL_AP_DEB_BLNC: add info vendor marked for deletion
  • O2C_AC_M: change logic in GL accounts get
  • INV_MD_AD: improvement made to select whether material has a standard or moving average price per plant
  • Exceptions have a comment field now
  • INV_SCRAP: added a low_var parameter for this check

Bug fixes

  • O2C_CL: hash collision fixed
  • P2P_PAY_VEND_SPT: fixed bug
  • P2P_PAY_CLUSTER: fixed bug
  • GL_SOD_PP: correction of a drilldown transaction
  • Selection of Check ID in /REM/MCHNG: fixed bug
  • O2C_SOD_CO: fixed bug in VaR value
  • /REM/ALERTS: filter and authz. check excluded each other, fixed
  • VaR and comments not correct when downloading alerts, fixed
  • Variants of several checks in Audit Mode did not generate data, fixed
  • P2P_PAY_ROUND: fixed bug
  • P2P_IR_PO_CHECK: missing e-mail, fixed
  • FIAA_UAM: wrong accounting document in alert details, fixed
  • SOD Tool issue: validation, fixed
  • Cropped text in some emails, fixed
  • Multi-config: fixed bug
  • INV_PDA: wrong GL account displayed, fixed
  • HR_MD_CONSISTENCY: age calculation fixed