4.0.0 – September 3, 2019

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021

New checks

  • New check INV_MD_AD: Material master data is incomplete
  • New check INV_MD_WE: Material master data: unusual activity
  • New check INV_MD_INACTIVE: Material master data quality – inactive materials
  • New check O2C_CPD_MULT: Multiple CpD postings above limit within N days
  • New check P2P_CPD_VEND: Vendor and CpD vendor sharing bank account
  • New check P2P_CPD_MULT: Use of one-time vendor multiple times
  • New check ITGC_SANCTIONS: Business partners search against sanctioned party lists
  • New check P2P_PO_IR_AMT: Difference between invoice and PO amount higher than threshold

New features

  • Ability to block payments and/or business partners with new built-in auto-reaction methods /REM/BLOCK_PAYMENT, /REM/BLOCK_BP.
  • New report: yearly summary of approved/rejected alerts.
  • Links to alerts transactions via webgui service and SAP GUI shortcut in emails sent out of the alerts monitor.
  • Automatically add logged user as CC in sent emails.
  • Enable multiple email accounts in sent email via /REM/ALERTS
  • New field Mass Change ID in TMDATA table when approving/rejecting using the mass change transaction.
  • New fields when downloading data (now you can download also comments added to alerts).
  • New work status for alerts: in addition to NEW/APPROVED/REJECTED, alerts now are flagged and indicate whether a user is working on them or not (work in progress or alert overdue).
  • Automatically run several configurations in a sequence (tab Multi-Config. Execution in transaction /N/REM/ADMIN).


  • Exceptions, Auto-Reaction Methods: use wildcard * to set up rule for all checks.
  • Parameters for holiday and factory calendars are now obsolete, checks determine calendars automatically.

Bug fixes

  • All bugs identified to date: fixed