2.4.0 – January 3, 2018

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021


  • We now support Spanish (ES)
  • Maintenance view for /REM/DRILLDOWN: use transaction /REM/DRILLDOWN_V to update drilldown for checks
  • New checks area and 9 new checks for HR (see check documentation for details)
  • New check ITGC_USER: new user created and deleted within short period of time


  • Tool checks whether remQ user entered in /rem/admin exists
  • Sanction checks: we ship data with the software, accelerated setup for testing; for full use, updates via the sanctions.io API still needs to be enabled
  • Sanction checks: improved fuzzy compare; now possible to compare entries from same countries only; added customer/vendor account groups to enable definition of exceptions for these values
  • Parameter TIME_HORIZON is now set to 2 when 1 is entered: avoids possible gap in analyzing data when checks are scheduled around midnight
  • O2C_CL: changed logic so that alert is re-created after 1 year
  • P2P_CPD, O2C_CPD: added selection of master data; changed selection of line items; added reading one time vendor/customer names
  • P2P_MD_BDE: reduced false-positives


  • Exceptions now case-insensitive
  • GL_FY: fixed a bug for cases where the FY does not start Jan 1; also added a grace period (configurable)
  • P2P_MD_BDC, P2P_MD_BDC2: fixed calculation of VaR