2.0.6 – June 28,2017

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February 11, 2021

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February 11, 2021


  • New check P2P_PO_INV: PO created after invoice received (invoice doc. date < PO date)


  • P2P_2INV: this check now can work cross-client (check P2P_2INV_XCC now obsolete)
  • GL_RE: added additional information on payments
  • /REM/ADMIN: time wizard now also updates run intervals
  • O2C_CL: added insured amount and vendor block info to alert details
  • O2C_CLC: payment terms from vendor master added to alert details
  • O2C_DLV_INV_CHECK: changed how data is selected: now delivery within TIME_HORIZON+DAYS_RANGE
  • P2P_MD_BDC2: only changes are selected where a payment to this vendor was made in between
  • O2C_AC_LIM: check now works per document, not per line item
  • INV_MPC: improved performance
  • P2P_PAY_VEND_SPT: default threshold changed 45 -> 14 days


  • Config. download: fixed issue with filename/overwrite
  • O2C_CL: fixed issue when converting certain currencies (e.g. JPY, HUF)
  • P2P_MD_BDC2, P2P_MD_BDX: fixed wrong translation in German language
  • GL_ER: fixed a bug for using parameter TIME_HORIZON, and a bug where no alerts were created in audit mode
  • /REM/ALERTS: number of alerts displayed was sometimes wrong, fixed