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SAP Licenses: Which ones do I have? Which ones do I really need?

April 15, 2019


Peter Rattey





As a license manager you probably know this situation: You have a huge pool of SAP licenses in your company, but in the end you always fall back on the familiar ones when buying new licenses. It’s almost a revolution when SAP standard licenses such as Worker or Management Self Service (MSS) are included in the portfolio. However, your basis administrator will take the rap in the end, as he has to take care of whom he assigns these licenses to. And actually it’s quite easy – just save money by looking beyond your own nose!

One Professional license or five Workers?

The SAP license price list offers much more than the usual licenses! So it pays off to take a look at the other licenses. If companies do not exploit the full potential of licenses, it will cost them many millions of euros. If you consider that the list price of a Professional license is 3,200 € or more, but a worker is already available for 600 €, you should think about it.

Which license do I use for which purpose?

A user with a Professional license can work anywhere in SAP. But who really uses the full range? In fact most SAP users have clearly defined areas of activity, in which they are allowed to work. And it goes even further! How often are there concretely limited activities in SAP where entire user groups use the same four or five transactions over and over again? Most companies don’t even take a look at how they could efficiently buy new ones or change their existing licenses, only because they can’t determine the value of these activities. (If you are surprised now: Yes, it is possible to convert existing licenses. It is within SAP’s discretionary scope.)

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SAP Access & Authorizations

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Who’s afraid of technical descriptions?

The technical descriptions in the SAP price list are not really understandable for SAP users. Often there is a lack of knowledge about which business processes belong to which SAP components or transactions. In addition, many companies don’t even have a technical basis for collecting this kind of data. So, does it make sense to store this special knowledge in software?

Yes, it does! Our SAP license optimization software samQ offers a customizing in which many standard licenses can be mapped. In addition, samQ provides an analysis tool. This tool determines special company-specific details of a standard license and thus provides the company with all the information it needs to support the purchase of the license in a targeted manner or to provide suggestions as to which licenses should be converted.

Only four steps

In addition to the license types already integrated as templates, such as Worker, Logistic and Project User, any template can be called up for any license and adapted to a company’s specific requirements using a 4-step analysis.

Know your licenses and save money

With the right software you can save a lot of money during your next license purchase. As already explained, the price differences are enormous and usually offer a lot of potential to negotiate properly. An additional benefit of samQ? You can make sure that you are compliant with your licenses.

Take your chance and simply test which SAP licenses you could actually use! And to all those who say, “not interesting for me, as I will soon migrate to S/4HANA, anyway”, you should also get an overview before your migration! Your company has to determine which S/4HANA licenses you will need in the future. Maybe you can find even cheaper SAP licenses with a detailed research. samQ of course already supplies the S/4HANA license templates!


Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is the founder of VOQUZ Labs. He invented samQ and is still intensively involved in samQ's further development. Peter is one of our most experienced advisors.


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