SAP Digital Access – a positive opportunity

July 13, 2020


Peter Rattey


SAP Digital Access

So far, our blogs have mainly referred to the dangers of an uncontrolled cost trap in relation to SAP Digital Access.

Today we turn the tables and take a look at the financial possibilities of SAP Digital Access/SAP Indirect Access.

Let us assume that you have a large number of employees who have been accessing SAP for years using mobile devices. For these employees, you have duly acquired corresponding SAP licenses, which are often platform users or have other common licenses. The company is now properly licensed and does not worry about SAP Digital Access so far.

SAP Passport will, however, count the relevant fee-based documents.

Of course, the company does not have to pay these if they are created by the already licensed employees using the mobile solution that has existed for years.

So far so good! If you look a little deeper into the matter, interesting situations arise from this situation.

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Tablet showing the cover page of the document

Option 1:

There are no other documents beyond those generated by mobile workers. Then you should see whether a switch to SAP Digital Access will be the cheaper option. The mobile user licenses could be returned and converted into SAP Digital Access documents. These packages are currently being offered at a 90% discount.

Option 2:

A large number of chargeable documents are created by other users. Since SAP offers to keep an old solution with regard to Digital Access, it can now be checked whether switching to SAP Digital Access is cheaper than buying the corresponding licenses for the users involved. A platform license costs 1,200 € according to the list price, but you can currently get 24,000 paid documents from SAP. That could be a real alternative.

Option 3:

The mobile employees do not generate any chargeable documents because they only update or delete existing documents, which is free according to the definition of SAP Digital Access. There are hardly any other documents that require payment. If the company now completely switches to digital access, there are no additional costs and suddenly a large number of user licenses become free, which can be exchanged for urgently needed other products, for example when switching to SAP S/4HANA.

These are just three of the many ways that a company can benefit from SAP Digital Access. We know most of them!

The basis of all these variants is the ability to identify the necessary basic data in the SAP systems, which we can implement with our SAP license optimization software samQ and on the basis of which we disclose the most sensible variants to our customers.

Just ask us, it is worth it and samQ ensures automatic SAP license optimization anyway.


Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is Managing Director of VOQUZ Labs. He was the initiator and is significantly involved in the development of the SAP license management tool samQ.


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