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Licensing – Double and Triple

June 25, 2020


Peter Rattey



SAP Digital Access makes it possible that you may have double or triple licensing.

One of the most important phrases in the field of SAP Digital Access is the following:

“SAP Digital Access only knows documents, no users!“

This signifies that no matter who creates chargeable documents in the sense of SAP Digital Access, requires no named user license.

What is explained so simply has a few more dimensions that on closer inspection could be very complicated in terms of license usage.

An example:

A sales employee has a third party mobile app, with which he can dial into SAP using his SAP user and password and now uses this app to create sales orders, invoices and the like. One would now be of the opinion that everything goes right in terms of licensing, because he communicates with SAP as a licensed user and everything should be good so far.

Unfortunately, in this case it is not fine. SAP Digital Access knows no users. It is therefore irrelevant whether the producer of chargeable documents additionally has a user license or not.

In this case, the user uses the app of a SAP service provider, which was built especially for these activities. Since it is not a SAP technology, but a third party add-on, Passport now decides to count the fee-based documents program, the documents created with it as indirectly created.

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In addition to the user license, there are now costs for the documents in the deep background of the SAP system.

But if that is not enough. The app that this sales employee uses is from a third-party provider and is therefore subject to NetWeaver Third Party Foundation licensing. And now we have three licenses for one process!

This example shows that in-depth knowledge of new SAP licensing metrics is required to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, is very difficult to achieve the right information using a manual based approach.

A tool such as samQ creates the necessary data transparency in an automated fashion.

Once the business scenarios are known, you can react, depending on the architecture principles and corporate strategy. If you have this knowledge, you can avoid multiple SAP licensing, but you can also design the business processes to be aligned to the license models.

There is therefore no longer a single licensing option. Suddenly, with the appropriate knowledge of the data, further cost-effective SAP licensing can be achieved through the technical design of the processes concerned.

Companies are therefore required to find clear licensing lines with the available technical SAP resources. As I said, the samQ toolset provides the required transparency and automation, and combined with this our advisory team has the existing experience and worldwide know-how to support our customers with the restructuring the SAP License contracts.

We urge every company to take a very critical look at their SAP Landscape, its architecture and its implication on their SAP Digital Access Licensing.

By the way …

It is still possible to order 90% digital access packages from SAP until the end of 2021.


Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is the founder of VOQUZ Labs. He invented samQ and is still intensively involved in samQ's further development. Peter is one of our most experienced advisors.


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