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Delivered as expected – SAP extends its maintenance periods

February 10, 2020


Peter Rattey





For 2025, SAP had announced the end of maintenance for ECC, that is, for SAP Business Suite 7.

Anyone familiar with SAP was not nervous about this deadline, but they certainly started planning for it afterwards. The after is S/4HANA and with it some replacements of processes by cloud applications.

Exactly this was certainly the reason for SAP’s deadline. The companies should switch to the new S/4HANA platform as soon as possible.

Now SAP has let the air out a little and relaxed the maintenance periods.

SAP Maintenance will no longer end in 2025, but in 2027 – and those who have still not converted their core processes to S4/HANA by then can take advantage of “Extended Maintenance until 2030” for a “small fee” (a maintenance surcharge of 2 percentage points).

This gives companies 5 more years to plan a changeover.

or S/4HANA, on the other hand, maintenance security is currently set to 2040.

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What does all this mean for SAP customers?

They now have more time for the changeover, but they should not sit back and relax. At the moment, SAP is very happy to switch to S/4HANA and will reward you with one or two goodies. A renegotiation of the SAP licensing agreement is also often very useful if you have optimized your license landscape, for example with our SAP software asset management tool samQ, and can thus exchange dormant capital for unused licenses for new S/4HANA products. Companies can save many hundreds of thousands of Euros with this procedure.

On the other hand, as SAP approaches the maintenance limit, this behavior becomes more restrained and can ultimately turn into additional costs.

So you better not wait too long!

When it comes to license changeover, VOQUZ Labs can help you with samQ and optionally with the license specialists from the Advisory Group to find a sensible and cost-optimized changeover strategy. We look forward to hearing from you!


Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is the founder of VOQUZ Labs. He invented samQ and is still intensively involved in samQ's further development. Peter is one of our most experienced advisors.


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