DAAP extension until December 2021

May 8, 2020


Peter Rattey


SAP Licensing


SAP Digital Access

Last week we shared the rumor, this week it became official. SAP is extending the DAAP (Digital Access Adoption Program), a discount program for SAP customers to sign on to the SAP Digital Access pricing model.

Read here the official announcement.

The announcement didn’t really surprise us. For years we are constantly working on SAP indirect access project and helping our customers to reach transparency about their exposure, helping them to mitigate and negotiate their SAP license position. So it has been clear to us, that there is still a large number of SAP customers who either did not yet touch the topic or are still struggling to find a solution.

One reason, why it is often hard to define a solution, is that very often there is no correlation between a number of documents created and a business value or outcome.

Our newest whitepaper on SAP Access & Authorizations

Learn how to manage your SAP GRC Authorizations

Tablet showing the cover page of the document

DAAP will be extended for nearly 2 years, but SAP annual audits are still on in the meantime. Be sure, SAP indirect/digital access will be more and more a focus point of the annual self audits. The “passport” feature will be used to count the SAP digital access documents. So don’t lay back and wait for the next 2 years!

Not knowing won’t protect you. We are analyzing passport intensively to find out any where our customers will have to be careful.

With our advisory team and our samQ solution we can support you in reaching transparency about any exposure and define a strategy going forward.

Because even with a 90% discount on offer, the financial impact is often more than just significant!


Peter Rattey

Peter Rattey is Managing Director of VOQUZ Labs. He was the initiator and is significantly involved in the development of the SAP license management tool samQ.


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