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Xensam Ltd.

Being the fastest growing SAM software on the market, Xensam has onsite sales presence in five countries on two continents and its vast customer and partner network is world-wide. Xensam’s software is developed using the latest, cutting-edge technology with a specific purpose: Reduce the unnecessary administration of managing software estates and accelerate business value derived from Software Asset Management programs. Notable technical features include the following: - Market Leading Software Recognition, Supported by Machine Learning. - Market Leading Cloud Application Coverage and Usage Metering, Including Microsoft 365 & Adobe CC - Dynamic Data center Management Module - Security Risk & GDPR Application Assessments

Are you sure you have the correct SAP licenses? Are you compliant with all relevant SAP license terms?


SAMQ's Gonna Tell You

samQ License Optimizer automates and centralizes all SAP licensing processes to optimize your costs, reduce risk and improve compliance. Usage and authorization based license distribution keeps you prepared and optimized for annual system measurement at all times – without the need to classify users manually.

By optimizing your SAP license inventory with samQ License Optimizer, you can guarantee permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory based on actual usage and assigned authorizations. The result is a permanently optimized and compliant SAP landscape. This means complex preparations for the SAP system measurement belong to the past. License audits become transparent, predictable and verifiable.